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Con and Kathryn live in Western Australia and love to think, write and share – and find out what other people are thinking. FQ is their way to make space to do this regularly.

“Fortnight Question” is a commitment that we will write at least one new post every 14 days, answering a question posed by ourselves, each other or by readers of the blog. We will answer with opinion rather than carefully constructed research. We want to write, rather than be right.

Con also blogs at flexnib.com and Libraries Interact. She works in a university library, and loves reading, writing, classical music and chihuahuas.

Kathryn already blogs at Librarians Matter and Libraries Interact. She is a mother, university lecturer and librarian. She also loves to travel, dance, bake, facilitate discussion and ask “why?”.

You can contact us at fortnightquestion at gmail dot com. You can fill in the form below if you would prefer:

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