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Aug 012013

Con lobs my question back at me: “What is something you know you do differently from most people?”.

Eat fruit.

Do not judge me.

I think it is a way, way back when I was a kid thing. Maybe, to pass the time waiting for grown ups to finish whatever it is that grown ups do that meant I had to stand around, I thought hard one day about how I was eating my fruit to try to find the best way?

Image: Hellebardius. (2010). Mandarine / mandarin orange / tangerine. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/libaer2002/4400440273/


Bananas I will half peel so that I can get to the top bit, leaving a strip of peel still up around the top of the fruit. I then rest the banana on the strip of peel on a bench or table and break off chunks about 2 cm long and eat them one by one.

Apples. The logic, I think, was to maximise that wonderful feeling of that first bite into the plump middle bit of the apple. So instead of spoiling the middle bit, I started with eating away all parts that are not that.  First I eat a ring around the top of the apple, then a ring around the bottom of the apple. Then, with the centre left, I take large indulgent bites to finish that off. …

… (unless, of course, it is a Granny Smith. Then I take tiny bites around the centre to remove the skin and THEN take huge indulgent bites) …

Mandarines. Bite a thin strip from the centre of the crescent of a segment. Use my tongue to take the membrane from the outside if possible, or else turn the segment inside out in my mouth. Slowly burst the individual little sacks that hold the juice with my tongue. (Question just to see whether anyone is both reading this and awake – what are those little sacks called? They are not segments…)

Next post, I answer question 26 from Con –  “What’s your favourite question to ask people?” . (Do I then ask Con my favourite question for when she has answered that one? Do I even have a favourite question? I guess I will have either question or excuse when it comes time to post …)


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