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Q24: What did I want to be?

 Posted by at 6:33 am on 4 July 2013  The Past  Add comments
Jul 042013

So Con wants to know: “When you were 13, what did you want to be when you grew up?”.

As I understood things back then, I would have thought that the questioner was asking about how I wanted to earn money as an adult. Interesting, because there is really no reason why I could not have thought about whether I wanted to be happy or a champion square-dancer or a labradoodle-owner or cultivator of guerrilla patches of sunflowers to brighten up suburbia.


I *think* that at that time I still wanted to “train guide-dogs for the blind”. My brother, having explained that I would need to kill animals in pain, had talked me out of being a vet. Although I had, admittedly, already created my own classification scheme for my books and added call numbers to their spines using typing paper and black duct tape, I had no intention of being a librarian. I remember very, very clearly that I did not want to be a teacher because I thought I would be frustrated with the amount of time I spend disciplining students rather than developing their minds and creating a spark to find things out for themselves.

Quite co-incidentally, when looking for something else, I came across the most wonderful name for an Hawaiian Service Dog company that trains dogs for people with all disabilities other than vision impairment. I kid you not, it is called … Hawaii Fi-Do

So, Con, “When you were 13, what did you want to be when you grew up?” . And once you have answered that one, the next question for us to both have a crack at is:  “What is something you know you do differently from most people?”


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