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Jan 182013

Usually I have an instant answer to these FQ questions. This one from Con, what skill would you like to learn or develop? has me puzzled.

Something that Con is very good at – languages – is appealing. Not so much to communicate with other people, nor to appreciate entire bodies of literature from other countries but to understand which parts of my thinking are due to me as an individual and what parts are limited by the single language that I have to express myself. I think it would be really interesting to be fluent enough in another language to dream in it also.


Realistically, however, I do not think proficiency in multiple languages is something that would be possible to learn or develop without much more time than I have… so, what skill would I like to develop that is realistically possible?

I actually remember as a kid enjoying practicing really silly skills like being able to say the alphabet backwards at a really fast pace or to write in mirror writing as quickly as possible… so I think that something like that would be quite achievable at the moment.

A skill I would like to work on – because it is portable, can be done almost anywhere, and can entertain other people is contact juggling. It also looks wonderful and can be very soothing and something rhythmic to do with your hands. I already have a contact juggling ball on the windowsill of my office. Think crystal-looking, hard acrylic ball. Think David Bowie as Jareth in Labyrinth . It looks like this – if done well, Multiball Contact Juggling .

So, Con, next week can you please answer me the same question, What skill would you like to learn or develop? .

The week after, we are going a little complex…. If you could invite 6 guests from any time to a dinner party, who would you ask and why? Let’s presume you can choose which age they are when they come, that they are not freaked out totally by all the new technology surrounding them and that they will actually talk and socialise with the other guests.

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