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Q21: New resolve 2013

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Jan 102013

Con gave a wonderful general survey about New Years’ Resolutions in her answer to Question 21. I like this answering the question second business – less research and more free-form. Question 21 is: Do you have any New Years’ Resolutions? .

(Next week I get to go first with Question 22 posed by Con: What skill would you like to learn or develop? so may be less free-form.)

I definitely resolve to do more things I enjoy doing this year. I am at a stage where I need to make new goals, so unlike Con, I did write a large list of resolutions. Most of them really reflect changes I have made in my life in the last year or so – so may even be more “retro-resolutions”. I wasn’t quite as simple and sensible as my ten year old, who has resolved to “make something yummy every weekend” and to “brush my teeth twice a day”.

5/H365 Baking too many bananas while watching Hercule Poirot

Being librarian-ly, I even worked under subheadings. I have just chosen one from each to give you a flavour of where I am at:

  • WORK – Find primary supervisor for PhD
  • HEALTH – Continue to do equivalent of 5km run 4-6 times each week
  • RELATIONSHIPS – Develop a wider circle of social support where I can give as well as receive
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Blog at Librarians Matter or FQ at least weekly
  • FINANCIAL – Continue to record all spending and to download and reconcile spending records with all accounts monthly

I think it is also important to appreciate life as it is, right now. With that in mind, on 1 January I began another lifestreaming kind of project like the “Daily Image” challenges I did in 2009 and 2011. Sixty or so of us are in the Happy365 Flickr group where each day we will post something that makes us happy.

I am loving images from other people that are reminders about things that make me happy that I had forgotten or have been overlooking. Most of mine seem to be about food, like the image at the start of this post. I was dealing with a glut of overripe bananas while watching Hercule Poirot on ABC iView – which for some reason interested lots of people.

The slideshow below shows all of the images from my Happy365 set so far:

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