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Q18: Zombies!

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Aug 152012

“Zombies, werewolves or vampires?”
What sort of a question is THAT, Kathryn?

How can there be any question?

Zombies, of course!

It’s always been zombies for me.

I’m partial to a zombie movie. One of my favourite games of the last five years is Plants vs. Zombies. And I love the symbolism that’s possible, using zombies – zombies as a symbol of the decay of human society, as a metaphor for what can happen when social controls disappear. Are we all mindless, unthinking drones? Zombies

Vampires? Meh. They’ve been hijacked by Twilight. Since when did they become It as a literary device in books for teens? Have you noticed how much vampires have come to dominate the Young Adult section in bookshops?

Werewolves? Men (are they ever women) turned into mindless beasts? Hmm.

The illustration? My inane attempt at providing some colour to the post. All the great images of zombies I could find online are copyright. My scratchy drawing was done on the iPad using the app Bamboo Paper and a $2 stylus. Thanks to @thelibrarykim for the recommendation of Bamboo Paper (great app!) and the stylus. The tie the zombie is wearing is for @malbooth.

Next question is a three-parter:

A “what are you reading” question:

Who is your favourite author for relaxing/recreational reading?

What’s your favourite childhood book (or who was your favourite author from childhood)?

What do you read for professional reading?

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  1. 🙂 I’m currently reading The Mortal Instruments series (after The Infernal Devices series) which features werewolves (including a girl), vampires, and nephilim (angel/humans). Loving the entire YA series x 2. Loved Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series but more for the action than the unpleasant descriptions of zombies. They make me feel a little eeww.

  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve actually read (m)any zombie novels. It’s strange, but my exposure to zombies has really mostly been through movies and tv. (Strange because I’m such an avid reader.)

    I’ve read Dracula and other novels involving vampires, and I’m sure I’ve read about werewolves too. Just not zombies.

  3. […] had to happen – Con has asked a question about reading… Who is your favourite author for relaxing/recreational reading? What’s your favourite […]

  4. Just a note – there are plenty of female werewolves 🙂

    American Werewolf in Paris
    Ginger Snaps

    True Blood
    Being Human

    World of Warcraft (Worgen)
    Elder Scrolls series

    That said culture tends to be averse to muscular hairy women so there is a disposition towards male werewolves in all media forms.

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